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untidytowns is the shared music journal of cindy, etzyofi, macondo, operatingroom, and viennawaits. In this journal, all the posters will post their favourite songs on a regular basis. All posters have varying tastes in music to share, but all posts are locked to members only.

1. You must join the community to access the music posts. Membership is moderated for the purpose of keeping out trolls. Please do not ask for posting access, as it is only reserved for the posters listed above.

2. Please comment when taking any music. It's courteous as we would love to know who is taking the links. Plus, this lets us know what types of songs and artists you enjoy!

3. No requests unless one of us allows them. When requesting, please make the request within reason. Keep in mind that we are all busy at times and thus cannot be uploading 24/7. However, if you enjoyed a certain artist and would like to hear more, feel free to let us know and we might post some more.

4. Download links should NOT be sent to non-members. After all, this community is locked for a reason.

Any questions not yet clarified or answered should be sent here.

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viennawaits/Titi : last.fm | uploads

The RIAA dictates that all music downloaded should be removed after previewing for twenty-four hours. We are not at all responsible for what you do with the music that you download. We recommend you purchase music if you would like to support the artists that you love.

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